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CATURGRIYA NARADIPA was iniciated by four enthusiastic and optimistic individuals; Anna R Subagdja, Hermandari Kartowisastro, Basuki Yapriadi and Liem Tjan Tjie Heng. Catur itself, that is what our clients, partners, and acquintences, used to call us, means four. High spirited, the four initiators put their mind, heart, energy, and time to bring Caturgriya to become number 1 interior contractor company in Indonesia.

To present our growing list of clients with satisfying work results, three new members came aboard to strengthen our ship two years after our maiden voyage. They are Gunawan Irvan, Hilman Yohanes and Chaidir Indera. The synergy of these talented individuals gives our clients a performance of excellence.

Encouraged by our strong backbone; experienced project and site managers, supervisors, our on site and factory staff as well as our head office, we make every project happens satisfactorily.

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"We are here for You"

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